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Water Awareness Week : Inauguration of Water Awareness Week organized by Water Resources

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Bhandara :

Water Awareness Week is implement by the Government from 16th to 22nd March. The inauguration of the week presided over by District Collector Sandeep Kadam and in the presence of Chief Engineer. Gosikhurd Project Water Resources Department Nagpur Ashish Devgade at Bhandara on Gosikhurd Project Reservoir on the banks of Wainganga River. The chief guest of the event Devgade, Chief Engineer, Gosikhurd Project, Water Resources Department, Nagpur said that Gosikhurd Reservoir is on the outskirts of Bhandara city. In order to prevent water pollution from Bhandara city, the Municipal Council Bhandara mentioned the need for water awareness.

The Gosikhurd Reservoir polluted not only by the Nag River but also by other elements. Efforts made by the government to control the pollution of Nag Nadi. To this end, Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray instructed a meeting of senior officials on March 14 to prepare a plan for de-pollution of Gosikhurd reservoir. Therefore, efforts made at all levels to keep the reservoir clean by preventing water pollution in Gosikhurd reservoir.

Inauguration of Water Awareness Week, very little water suitable for actual use

District Collector Sandeep Kadam said that despite the abundance of water on earth. There is very little water suitable for actual use. The reason for this is the pollution of water resources. Therefore, it is just as important to use water sparingly as it is to maintain quality without polluting the water. He wished that there would maximum water awareness with the participation of Water Resources Department as well as other departments directly related to water.

Increasing ground water level through water conservation Sri Tale, Superintendent Engineer explained the objective of Water Awareness Week. These include increasing public participation in irrigation through water use organization, increasing irrigation in less water, increasing ground water level through water conservation, raising awareness about cropping system through agriculture department, prevention of water pollution Mentioned matters of enlightenment.

Introduction to the program

 The Executive Engineer outlined the various programs undertake by the Water Resources Department. This week between March 16 and 22. A motorcycle rally organized at the end of the event. Collector Sandeep Kadam and Chief Engineer Devgade started the rally with a green flag.

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